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After two critically acclaimed CD'S, and live performances at all types of different venues too numerous to enumerate - not to mention all those impromptu appearences at public events, activist or otherwise, or perhaps even a supposedly coincidental 'sighting' in the checkout at the local supermarket - like God, Bob the singing Bass Player's amazing ubiquitousness seems more like omnipresence. "For crying out loud", as he sings in one of his creative marvels, he's "probably right over there".

Interestingly enough for a solo singing, bass playing act (quite a feat in itself, if one considers the daunting esthetic and logistic challenges inherent in such an undertaking), Bob the Singing Bass Player does not in actuality merely 'sing' or 'play' the bass. No ordinary Luther Vandross/Jaco Pastorious combo is he, but on an infinitely more subtle level, he's a remarkably profound performance artist (a bit more Artaud than P.T. Barnum). The greatness of his art is more akin to the sound of one hand clapping - furiously above the deafening sounds of the void.

If you think for even a Hollywood second that this reeks of the emperor's cloths, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee pal (or maybe the dioxin). Because, mere mortals that we are, if you or I attempted to do what he has done, you would just be standing there, stupidly but naked. But Bob the Singing Bass Player has been getting encores ever since his first open mic, two long, dues paid years ago.

Just where, one wonders, did this Bob the Singing Bass Player come from? Mars? Northern California? Outer Mongolia? No, no, no. Be it known that Bob came up the hard way. That's right. From an endless dreary wonderbread monotony of that existential morass, a.k.a. SUBURBIA. By age 12, in order to endure the relentlessly crushing boredom, the ponderously perpetual plasticity of white picket fencedom, Bob the Singing Bass Player sought solace in the sounds of Mose Allison, Iggy, Sinatra and the Fugs. Yes, rock and roll surely saved his life. After a nasty little bout of military duty, Bob returned to the world, and began to ponder - like Buddah, the meaninglessness of it all. And amidst the bleakness, he found the true mission in his life: He would become the master of Environmental Rock - The Grand Guru of Eco-Punk. Thus, Bob just keeps going and going, on and on, like a battery. Not disposable, but rechargeable.

So, what's next for Bob? Bob has a band. That's right. Odd as it may seem, Bob the Singing Bass Player has hooked up with members of DIZZY GRACE. Now, not only do his shows include the unique flavour and candour of a solo artist (cleverly reminding us of what we already know but try to ignore or plead ignorance to), they also include a number of tunes from his ecclectic repertoire with a full fledged band, adding textures and rythms to Bob's ingenious and thought provoking works.

Don't miss this 'one of a kind' act when Bob the Singing Bass Player - With Band are playing in theatres, opera houses, bars, clubs or coffee houses near you.

"Waiting for Godard, Waiting for Goddard"

Polysorbate 80