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Interview With Bob

Q. When's your Birthday?
A. February 10

Q. Whats your astrological sign?
A. Aquarius

Q. When did you first start playing?
A. 1981.

Q. What made you choose the bass?
A. It was chosen for me by the guy who started my first band.

Q. What was the first band you were in?
A. The Americans.

Q. Do you play other instuments?
A. No.

Q. What was the make of your first instrument?
A. Good question. A Gibson EB4.

Q. What other bands were you in?
A. Dennis' Menaces and Dilemma.

Q. How did you meet up with Dizzy Grace?
A. Oh ya. One of their bass players that I met at the Eclectic Cafe asked me to open up for them at the Spotted Dog.

Q. When was your first time in the studio?
A. For my fist CD recorded in 1996 entitled Bob the Singing Bass Player with Will and Bruce.

Q. What did you learn from being in the studio?
A. It costs a lot of money to make a CD. (laughs derisively).

Q. What was your first gig as Bob the Singing Bass Player?
A. I opened up for the Demolition Doll Rods at the Green Room in Ypsilanti.

Q. Five things nobody knows about you?
A. Damn. What the hell. Shit. Uhh Idon't know. My shoe size, my favorite fried food, somebody help me here
Uhh how many broken bones I have, who my first girlfriend was and what I like in my macaroni and cheese.

Q. What's your favorite place on earth?
A. Mars. (laughs maniacally) No, I would have to say Austria.

Q. What's your favorite food?
A. OOOOhh Ahhhh Oh! Chicken Gyros. Love 'em with cucumber sauce.

Q. What's your favorite car?
A. Shelby Cobra.

Q. What's your favorite Bob the Singing Bass Player song?
A. Batteries.

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island what album would you bring?
A. I got it. Black Sabbath Paranoid.

Q. What's your favorite T.V. show?
A. Dick Van Dyke.

Q. What bands have influenced your playing?
A. Iggy, (you'd better know who Iggy is) the B52's and the Pretenders.

Q. What players inspire you to play?
A. I'm not really a bass player, I just play one on T.V.

Q. What kinds of music do you like?
A. Punk and Classic Rock.

Q. Whats your favorite movie?
A. The Wizard of Oz hands down.

Q. What's your favorite book and author?
A. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Q. What's you favorite sport?
A. Tennis. What are you nuts.

Q. What is it about music that you love?
A. Notes (laughs) Music is a great way to tell the world what is going on and what should be done.

Q. What advice could you give up and coming musicians?
A. If you think you have something that the world wants to hear never give up.

Q. What would be your ultimate bass setup?
A. Four strings, how the hell do I know Uhh the cheapest thing you can find Uhh No. Whatever's on stage.

Q. What's your favorite make and model of bass?
A. Fender Precision.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
A. I hope to be a world famous rock star and basically rule the music world for 10 years.