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Interview With Mike

Q. When's your Birthday?
A. July 22

Q. Whats your astrological sign?
A. Cancer/Leo

Q. When did you first start playing?
A. At sixteen.

Q. What made you choose the bass?
A. I didn't choose the bass; it kinda chose me. I wanted an electric guitar for my birthday. My grandmother went to a police auction and they were auctioning off an electric bass so she gave me that instead.

Q. What was the first band you were in?
A. Hmmm. High Intensity. We were toying with the name Brain Damage because I used to come on stage wearing a collar and the other band members held the leashes.

Q. Do you play other instuments?
A. I play the guitar and a little bit of keyboards.

Q. What was the make of your first instrument?
A. My very first instrument was a ..... shit, I don't remember the name of it but it was an accordion.

Q. What other bands were you in?
A. Oh. After High Intensity was Kaos, Giant Stone Crab, Magnum, shit what came after Magnum... oh, Doc Milo, Easy Action, a christian band called Morning Star, Cloudz, Harsh Reality, Brothers Grimm, All Saints Day, I filled in for The Powdered Toastmen and I also played guitar in Powderfinger and for J.J. Johnson.

Q. How did you join Dizzy Grace?
A. Reg got my number from Curt Muldoon of Night Breed. The rest is soon to be history.

Q. When was your first time in the studio?
A. My first time in the studio was with the band Cloudz out of San Diego. We put together two songs for an original music competition. We didn't win but the songs did end up on my first album with Harsh Reality.

Q. What did you learn from being in the studio?
A. Haa (laughs) We did learn we should probably book a time when we are more awake cause we booked the red eye and couldn't drink enough coffee to stay awake.

Q. What was your first Dizzy Grace gig?
A. Yet to come.(Windsor).

Q. Five things nobody knows about you?
A. I think there are probably more than five things.

Q. What's your favorite place on earth?
A. Damn who are you writing for? Hustler?.

Q. What's your favorite food?
A. Same as last answer.

Q. What's your favorite car?
A. The one that get me home when I'm hammered.

Q. What's your favorite Dizzy Grace song?
A. Zombie Salad.

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island what album would you bring?
A. The spoken word Lenny Bruce or (burp) Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo.

Q. What's your favorite T.V. show?
A. Kevin Spencer.

Q. What bands have influenced your playing?
A. Jezz... Alice Cooper for one, BTO, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, anything and anybody jazz and blues.

Q. What players inspire you to play?
A. Reg and Ron.

Q. What kinds of music do you like?
A. All music would be too simple an answer ummm...The music I listen to the most would be classical, jazz, and hardcore punk

Q. Whats your favorite movie?
A. The Naked Lunch.

Q. What's your favorite book and author?
A. My favorite author would Michael Moorcock and his series The Dancers at The End of Time.

Q. What's you favorite sport?
A. Endurance foreplay.

Q. What is it about music that you love?
A. First of all it's not strictly a love relationship; it's a love/hate relationship. Hate because I've had to abandon and forsake relationships with people I've really loved to pursue music. On the other hand music has given me a sense of identity and continuity throughout my life no one else has been able to give me.

Q. What advice could you give up and coming musicians?
A. Learn a trade.

Q. What would be your ultimate bass setup?
A. If I had my druthers I'd have a blend of a Gallien-Krueger 800RB with an 18 inch folded horn cabinet, two fifteen inch and two ten inch cabinets loaded with Cetec Gauss speakers and a vintage Ampeg with an 810 cabinet loaded with Altech Lansing speakers

Q. What's your favorite make of bass?
A. Whichever one I am playing at the time that kicks your ass.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
A. Something positive, Ten Years After